More tales to give you by R.L. Stine

by R. L. Stine
Is Matt's summer camp being taken over by an evil patch of poison ivy? Will Eric escape from his tank, now that he's been turned into a fish? Can Tara help the terrified voice she hears inside a beautiful seashell? Find out in these ten creepy Goosebumps short stories perfect for reading around the campfire or under the covers! As I'm sure you all remember from the last time I talked about these books some thirteen years ago, the first Special Edition Goosebumps gift set came exclusively packed with a logo-branded Itty Bitty Book Light. I had assumed that the exorbitant price of the hastily-compiled short story collection did little to help coat the pill of one of the earliest (and nowhere near last) cash-grabs in the history of the series. So even in retrospect it's somewhat surprising that the set sold well enough to warrant a second entry. Following in the true Goosebumps-fashion of when in doubt, recreate an existing product, this set's special feature is unbelievably another Itty Bitty Book Light. Surely kids aren't that dumb, right? Well, they made four more gift sets after this one, so add that to your Gen Y denunciations, American Media.
TITULO: More tales to give you head Autor: R. L. Stine Editorial: Scholastic Ciudad: Estados Unidos Año De Edición: 1995 Paginas: 131 Idiomas: Ingles Tipo De Pasta: Blanda Condición: segundo uso en buen estado, presenta manchas por paso del tiempo. Cod#E-2-2-50-12
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autor R. L. Stine
Product Types Book
autor R. L. Stine
Editorial Scholastic
Idioma english
páginas 131
Tipo de pasta paperback
Condición used like a new
Codigo Cod#E-2-2-50-12
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More tales to give you by R.L. Stine