The haunted school by R.L. Stine

by R. L. Stine
HE'S HEARING VOICES... FROM ANOTHER WORLD! Tommy Frazer's dad just got married. Now Tommy's got a new mom. And he's going to a new school-- Bell Valley Middle School. Tommy doesn't hate school. But it's hard making friends. And his new school is so big, it's easy to get lost. Which is exactly what happens. Tommy gets lost-- lost in a maze of empty classrooms. And that's when he hears the voices. Kids' voices crying for help. Voices coming from behind the classroom walls...
TITULO: The haunted school Autor: R. L. Stine Editorial: Scholastic Ciudad: Estados Unidos Año De Edición: 1997 Paginas: 119 Idiomas: Ingles Tipo De Pasta: Blanda Condición: segundo uso en buen estado, presenta manchas por paso del tiempo y un punto de polilla que no interfiere con la lectura. Cod#E-2-2-50-17 The cover illustration shows a locker with black and white objects falling out and three pairs of eyes peering out of it.
Más Información
autor R. L. Stine
Product Types Book
autor R. L. Stine
Editorial Scholastic
Idioma english
páginas 119
Tipo de pasta paperback
Condición used like a new
Codigo Cod#E-2-2-50-17
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The haunted school by R.L. Stine