The blob that ate everyone

by R. L. Stine
READ IT AND SCREAM! A famous horror writer. That's what Zackie Beauchamp wants to be. He's writing a story about a giant blob monster. A pink slimy creature who eats up an entire town! Then Zackie finds the typewriter. In a burned down antique store. He takes it home and starts typing. But there's something really odd about that typewriter. Something really dangerous. Because now every scary word Zackie writes is starting to come true...
TITULO: The blob that ate everyone Autor: R. L. Stine Editorial: Scholastic Ciudad: Estados Unidos Año De Edición: 1997 Paginas: 114 Idiomas: Ingles Tipo De Pasta: Blanda Condición: segundo uso en buen estado, presenta manchas por paso del tiempo. Cod#E-2-2-50-37 The Blob That Ate Everyone is the fifty-fifth book in the original Goosebumps book series. It was first published in 1997. The cover illustration depicts The Blob Monster on a street with various items, such as cars and bicycles, beneath its large tongue. Tim Jacobus' signature can be found on the front of the Blob's tongue.
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autor R. L. Stine
Product Types Book
autor R. L. Stine
Editorial Scholastic
Idioma english
páginas 114
Tipo de pasta paperback
Condición used like a new
Codigo Cod#E-2-2-50-37
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The blob that ate everyone